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Premises Search & Selection

Finding companies commercial space is one of the most exciting parts of the service we offer. When searching for your ideal property it’s crucial that we understand your ultimate vision.

This knowledge enables us to source all on and off-market property options, providing our clients with absolute confidence that they are aware of every relevant space before making a selection.

Premises Search And Selection

Serviced Offices

Serviced offices are the fastest growing area within the business space sector. They provide greater flexibility and convenience. A serviced office presents the opportunity to save costs and space in a collaborative environment, whilst allowing greater control of the ability to grow or shrink.

We specialise in the search, selection and negotiation of commercial space within all business sectors.

Serviced offices

Site Disposals

The disposal of a commercial property site has a direct impact on the success of your business. Disposing of an occupiers’ lease is very different to disposing of a landlord’s space.

A tenant’s aim is to remove their liability, whereas a landlords’ aim is to achieve the highest rent. Therefore, the two are in direct conflict. By exclusively representing tenants, we work towards your advantage.

Site Disposals


There are multiple areas of negotiation depending on the type of commercial property transaction. Using our unbiased position in the market, we acquire the best package of terms for occupiers; ensuring your business is made stronger through real estate.


Lease Restructuring

This is typically associated with portfolios of leasehold properties; however, this service also applies to a single location. We work to find solutions to reduce your financial liability.

Negotiating is a crucial part of restructuring a lease; allowing savings to be made across multiple areas including passing rent, lease length and the disposing of locations. We work with the main aim to reduce overheads and reorganise estates.

Lease Restructuring

Rent Reviews

Rent reviews typically occur in five year cycles. This is a professional service that requires an in-depth knowledge of rental values. If you are not taking professional advice, you are risking potential threats to your business. The decisions you make on a review will directly impact the rental values for all businesses in your surrounding area.

Rent Reviews


Dilapidations are the repairs required at the end of your lease. The changes you make to your property will have a financial impact on your business in the future.

If we are advising you on your way into a property, we ensure you understand your liability towards the space before entering an agreement. Our job is to guarantee you factor all costs into your financial planning.


In-House Commercial Property Team

Many of our clients require on-going real estate support across their portfolio of leasehold properties. We act as an in-house commercial property team and take on-going control of all the real estate obligations.

This service contributes to the overall running of your business.

In-House Commercial Property Team

Workplace Strategy

Every property requires a bespoke strategy. A considered workplace strategy benefits the culture, productivity and financial aspects of a business.

Whether you have too little or too much space, our goal is to understand what your business ultimately aims to achieve and to ensure your real estate accommodates that goal.

Through an understanding of your requirements on a deeper level, we are able to present solutions ensuring your property is benefiting your growth.

Workplace Strategy

National & International Expansion

Whether your business is a start-up or a global organisation, we advise companies at every stage of growth. Using our sheer volume of data, we take all your criteria into consideration and devise a bespoke strategy that supports your motive.

This is a detailed process involving an extreme amount of due diligence. Unlike other companies, we have the unique ability to pair your expansion with the real estate reality.

National and International Expansion

Professional Services

Service Charge: The costs associated with the functioning of your building outside of your office space. Typically, the building is run by a managing agent and the service charge is reviewed annually.

Business Rates: A tax paid when occupying a leasehold property. Business rates have increased in recent years and are typically accessed every five years. A major contributor to your overall costs, therefore being advised by the correct specialist could save your company a significant amount.

Building Surveys: Our advice to all clients is to conduct a survey before committing to a lease. The main purpose being to uncover any potential and existing issues which must be rectified by the landlord in advance of the space being acquired. If a survey is not carried out once you have committed to a space, you are liable for any potential costs involved in rectifying these existing issues.

Professional Services

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